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How can I introduce Moais?

Moais is diverse group (age, gender, place in life) of thoughtful people who want to participate in rich, intentional discussions on books, podcasts, articles, films, and more.

If someone is craving rich discussion, connection, and community, invite them to check out a session.

How can I share Moais?

There are a few ways you can share:

1) The easiest way is by clicking the 'Share Our Sessions" & "Share Our Blog" and posting it to you social media accounts.

2) The best way is by filling out the form below inviting your friend(s) to specific sessions via email.

3) The most impactful way is by following & being active on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Instagram by clicking icons at the top 

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Did you know?

Referrals are 78% more effective if you send them something personalized.

Moais Super Users refer 3 to 5 people per month.